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We started the Healthy Sleep Center in response to the silent “epidemic” of sleep apnea.

Everyone has  a friend or family member who has suffered from a stroke, diabetes or heart problems. All too often these loved ones are also suffering from sleep apnea, a silent killer.

The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that 22 million Americans have sleep apnea, and that over 80 percent of those with moderate and sever obstructive sleep apnea are undiagnosed!

For those “lucky” ones who have received a diagnosis they may not be able to tolerate CPAP as a treatment option.

One of our staff remembers begging her grandma to wear her CPAP machine at night. Her grandmother couldn’t stand the confining feeling of having something on her face and refused to regularly use the machine that sat next to her bed every night.

A treatment option only works if the patient will use it.

Frustrated by the status quo we decided to take an innovative approach.

As a dentist, one of our founding partners was familiar with the oral appliance therapy and its power to effectively treat sleep apnea and provide a comfortable option that patients will use.

At our Sleep Center locations, we specialize in fitting patients for a custom device from the SomnoDent line of oral appliances, which have been used by more than 450,000 patients worldwide to treat sleep apnea.

We believe successful treatment requires us to listen to the patient’s needs and discover with them what treatment will best fit their lifestyle.


We know that so much of our quality of life depends upon getting a good night’s sleep.

Poor sleep can do more than just negatively impact job performance and health and wellbeing.

It can damage our relationships with our loved ones whether through crankiness brought on by sleep deprivation, or that persistent exhaustion which us from spending quality time with those we love.

Its time to reclaim deep sleep!

Our Mission

Healthy Sleep Center (HSC) offers durable medical equipment oral appliances to assist its patients with achieving healthier sleep.

We are experts in the field of obstructive sleep oral solutions and provide personalized sleep aid options to our patients. Each center continues to stay informed of the latest studies and techniques being applied today to promise better rest.

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